Mouthguards FAQ

Are there specific instructions for my night guard or orthotic?

Your Night Guard (grinding appliance, brux guard, or occlusal splint) or orthotic (TMD appliance) is specifically designed to both protect your teeth and your jaw joint (TMJ). Depending on your diagnosis/symptoms, your guard may be worn:

Regularly at night
Nightly during periods of stress and/or
During the day when you are under stress
All the time, if possible – if an orthotic type appliance is inserted.

Additional Guidelines:

Your speech may initially be affected. This is transient and you will learn very quickly how to talk with your guard or orthotic. Reading out loud will help speed up the process.

You may initially find that you are salivating a lot. As your body gets used to the appliances, the salivary flow rate will return to normal.

Although it may take some time to get used to wearing the appliance, you should not experience any tenderness. It is important that the appliance is comfortable. If a sore spot develops or if teeth feel tender when the appliance is removed, please call the office so we can adjust it.  For those wearing orthotics, some discomfort is normal and adjustments must be scheduled regularly.

The bite should also feel comfortable and balanced with both sides touching evenly. If it is uncomfortable or you feel the bite is heavier in some areas than others, please call the office so we can adjust it.

Please bring your appliance to your regular dental check-ups/cleaning appointments so we can check its fit and function. All appliances occasionally need adjustment as they wear.

Remember to brush your night guard or orthotic with a toothbrush and liquid hand soap when it is removed. Rinse it with water and store it in its protective case. Do not clean your appliance with toothpaste because the abrasive particles in the tooth paste may scratch your appliance or cause allergic reaction.

Dogs love dental applicances and will chew them; store it in a safe place.

If you have a Thermoplastic night guard, remember to run it under warm water before use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 306-463-4661.